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FurBabe is a brand new concept of washing pets. The exclusive mild formula cares for the pet’s skin with a balanced pH.

The FurBabe product does not use any toxic materials and or chemicals such as toxic plasticizer, triclosan, paraben, silicon and any other toxic substances.

FurBabe ingredients are rich in vitamin E, grape seed oil & borage oil, these extracts are beneficial to the pet’s fur and assists in absorbing nutrients for best results.



FurBabe毛小孩於台灣全台上百家頂級寵物美容與動物醫院採用,深受A級美容師與醫生信賴!pH值6.2-6.5(與日本自來水同pH值),中性溫和且不易滋生細菌,經過SGS檢驗,無毒無重金屬殘留等,且不汙染環境,台灣製造。成分含有豐富的維他命E 、抗氧維生素B6、葡萄籽油、琉璃苣油等,能讓寵物皮膚更容易吸收養分,以達毛髮的柔亮度。




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