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ZAZAZOO|Gorgeous Transformed IN TAIWAN 華麗轉身在台灣


[Classic pet accessories made by Taiwan's old uniform craftsmanship] – brand mission of ZAZAZOO, combined with the three main types of school uniform styles in Taiwan, which are the traditional Taiwanese style, Japanese sailor collar, British plaid style, and featuring the features of uniforms - wear-resistant, washable, and durable to design a series of pet accessories and clothing.

"ZA~ZA~ZOO ~ ~ " in the reputation of sewing to create "college style parent-child clothing" with the accumulated 60 years of technology and uniform elements, let the uniforms transformed gorgeously into a fashion accessory series that able to mix and match between pets and owners.

Being the MIT leading brand in the pet design market, we would like to promote MIT craftsmanship to the international pet market and let the sewing sound of ZA~ZA~ZOO~~ accompany you for another 60 years.


【用台灣老牌制服工藝打造經典寵物配件】- ZAZAZOO的品牌宗旨,結合目前台灣三大類校園制服風格,分別是傳統台式風、日式水手領、英式格紋風,以及制服耐磨耐洗耐用的特性,設計出系列的寵物配件及服飾。


Features of the product 產品特色
More comfortable design with the unique original wrapped production method 獨創包覆式的製作方式,讓毛孩更舒適

The classic pet sailor collar reproduced by the shawl-style design 首創披肩式設計,再現經典寵物水手領
Pet bandanas combined with Chinese traditional embroidery craftsmanship 結合神明衣刺繡工藝的寵物領巾
Lead Taiwanese craftsmanship to international with our fur-babies 讓毛孩穿的台灣工藝,走向國際

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