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Hoorooroo Nutri-canned Cat Food is a brand-new concept of canned cat food. 3 exclusive recipes - all-around nutrition X multi-layered taste, let cats fall in love at once!


Pure fresh meat and smooth meat mud: Perfect fresh cut of the real sense of meat, chew good taste.
β – glucans: Improves skin health and strengthens physical fitness.
Drip Essence of Chicken: According to the ancient method of extraction, body-replenishing essence.

3 Guarantees for Hoorooroo

1. Conforms to the NRC-AAFCO nutritional specifications for all stages of cats

2. 0% cereals, 0% controversial glues

3. No K3 and preservatives added


The recommended amount of phosphorus intake

Young Cats: Intake of phosphorus content of 200 (mg/kcal) or more

Healthy Adult Cats: Intake of phosphorus content of 350 (mg/kcal) or less

Cats with Kidney Disease: Intake of phosphorus content 250 (mg/kcal) or less (Phases 1 and 2)


The phosphorus content of Hoorooroo Nuri-canned Cat Food Series is between 124-224mg/kcal, that’s fine to intake for Cats with Phase 1 & 2 kidney disease  (The actual status of cats with Kidney Disease are different, please feel free to double confirm the eligibility with your veterinarians by the nutritional table)

Hoorooroo 3大獨家配方-全方位營養X多層次的口感,讓貓貓一次愛上!


純鮮肉+滑順肉泥 - 完美鮮切的真實肉感,嚼嚼好滋味。
β-聚葡萄糖 - 增進皮膚健康、強化體質。
精粹滴雞精 - 依循古法萃取、養身補氣精華。



1. 符合NRC&AAFCO幼貓與成貓營養規範

2. 0%穀類、0%爭議性膠類

3. 完全不添加K3及防腐劑



※ 幼貓 : 攝取磷含量 200(mg/kcal) 以上

※ 健康成貓 : 攝取磷含量 350(mg/kcal) 以下

※ 腎臟病貓 : 攝取含磷量 250(mg/kcal) 以下 (一、二期)


HOOROOROO厚肉肉的6款每罐磷含量在124-224mg/kcal之間,一二期內的腎貓使用沒問題 (每隻腎貓實際狀態不一樣,二期以上可持這款營養成份表供獸醫師確認可食性)


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