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LIVIN'WILD Dog Food 全齡犬無穀配方系列 - Free Range Duck & Venison Pot (放養鴨&草飼鹿) 4lbs

Description 產品說明 :

100% Grain-free and GMO-free, Livin’ Wild uses grass-fed, free-range meat to prevent exposure to allergens.Our pioneering, 1.5mm-really-fine flakes are made from real meat, making it easier for chewing, absorption, and digestion.



Ingredients 成份:

Duck,Potatoes,Peas,Tapioca,Venison Meal,Chicken Fat(preserved with mixed tocopherols),Flaxseed,Natural Flavor,Green Tripe,Fish Oil,Potassium Chloride,Sodium Chloride,Choline Chloride,Magnesium Sulfate,Calcium Propionate,Dried Cranberries,Dried Blueberries,Kiwi,Vitamin E Supplement,Niacin(Vitamin B3),Calcium Pantothenate(Vitamin B5),Vitamin A Supplement,Thiamine Mononitrate(Vitamin B1),Riboflavin Supplement,Pyidoxine Hydrochloride(Vitamin B6),Vitamin B12 Supplement,Vitamin D3 Supplement,Folic Acid(Vitamin B9),Taurine,Zinc Sulfate,Ferrous Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Manganese Sulfate,Calcium Iodate,Cobalt Sulfate,Sodium Selenite,Spirulina,Dried Enterococcus Faecium,Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus,Dried Bifidobacterium Longum,Dried Bifidobacterium Thermophilum,Green Tea Extract,Spearmint Extract.

放養鴨肉、馬鈴薯、豌豆、木薯、脫水草飼鹿肉、雞脂肪、亞麻籽、天然香料、天然草  胃、魚油、氯化鉀、氯化鈉、氯化膽鹼、硫酸鎂、丙酸鈣、蔓越莓乾、藍莓乾、奇異果、維他命E、維他命B3、維他命B5、維他命A、維他命B1、核黃素、維他命B6、維他命B12、維他命D3、維他命B9、牛磺酸、硫酸鋅、硫酸亞鐵、硫酸銅、硫酸錳、碘化鈣、硫酸鈷、亞硒酸鈉、螺旋藻、乾腸球菌、嗜酸乳桿菌、長雙歧桿菌、嗜熱雙歧桿菌、綠茶提取物、 迷迭香提取物、留蘭香提取物


Nutrtion Facts 營養成份分析 :

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein蛋白質 (min.)...33%; Crude Fat 脂肪 (min.)...16%; Crude Fiber 粗纖維 (max.)...5%; Moisture 水分 (max.)...12%; Ash 灰分 (max.) 9%

Typical Analysis
Calcium 鈣 (min.)...1.2%; Phoshorous 磷 (min.)...1.0%; Carbonhydrate 碳水化合物 (max.)...25%


Kcal of Food 熱量 : 2850 kcal / kg


* Formulated for All Dogs 全齡狗種皆可食用 *

LIVIN'WILD Dog Food 全齡犬無穀配方系列 - Free Range Duck & Venison Pot (放養鴨&草飼鹿) 4lbs

PriceFrom HK$98.00
  • * Adapting the best grass-feeding deer and natural green tripe and other low-sensitive meat sources 採用最佳草飼鹿及天然草胃等低敏肉源

    * Enriched with flaxseeds. Contain the best omega-3 fatty acids to maintain immune system富含亞麻籽擁有維持免疫系統最好的ω-3脂肪酸

    * A rich combination of highly nutritious animal meat protein + high antioxidant food ingredients 高營養動物肉類蛋白+高抗氧食材的豐富組合

    * High-digestibility nutrient ratio for special chewy flakes and high digestibility for gastrointestinal absorption特製咀嚼性佳的特殊脆片和針對腸胃吸收的高消化率營養比例