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T.N.A. Skin + Coat Gorgeous EPA / DHA PLUS + Healthier Skin 全效EPA/DHA毛髮保健強化營養錠

Description 產品說明 :

Rich in Omega-3, Skin+Coat Gorgeous EPA/DHA PLUS + Healthier Skin uses selected fish extract to improve your pet’s skin and coat condition. It makes their skin more supple, cuts down on shedding, and helps relieve allergies. With added chicken from Taiwan as well as Parmeson cheese powder to increase palatability, this product is dehydrated at a low temperature to retain its nutrition-a great daily supplement to help your pet look and feel his/her best!

嚴選進口深海魚萃取精華,富含Omega 3不飽和脂肪酸,完整提升皮膚的抵抗力,修復受損的皮膚及毛髮,促進毛髮豐盈、色澤艷麗,徹底改善毛寶貝的毛皮問題,使用台灣在地新鮮雞肉及巴馬臣芝士粉提升適口性,全程低溫風乾,營養不流失,是皮膚不好的毛寶貝最佳日常保健食品。


Ingredients 成份 :

PUFA, L-lysine, bromelain, gluconic acid, zinc, and 8 other water-soluble nutrients.



Daily suggested intake 餵食量表 :

 - Small breed dogs (1-10kg) 4 tablets per day.



- Medium breed dogs (10-25kg) 4-8 tablets per day.



- Large breed dogs (more than 25kg) 8-12 tablets per day.



Feeding Guidelines 食用方式 :

Ready to serve. After opening, tightly seal this product and keep it in a well-ventilated area.



How to Store 保存方法 :

Store at room temperature away from sunlight before using. Refrigerate after opening and consume as soon as possible.



Notice 注意事項 :

1. This product doesn’t replace food as the main nutrient source. 本產品為營養保健品,請勿取代主食使用


2. The serving size should be adjusted depending on the size, age, health condition, and activity level of your pet. 請依照毛寶貝體型大小、健康狀況、年齡及運動量酌量餵食


3. Depending on the size of your pet, cut the supplement into pieces accordingly to reduce choking risks.  為避免毛寶貝食用時噎到喉嚨,請依據體型大小,加以裁切後餵食


4. This product contains a deoxidizer sachet. Store in a safe place where children can’t reach it. 本產品內置脫氧劑,請放置於孩童不易拿取的地方,以免誤食


Content 容量 : 200g/per package (包); 80 tablets / 2 packets80錠/雙內袋包裝


Place of Origin 產地 : 100% made in Taiwan 堅持台灣在地生產


* Formulated for all dogs and cats 全犬種、全貓種適用 *

T.N.A. Skin + Coat Gorgeous EPA / DHA PLUS + Healthier Skin 全效EPA/DHA毛髮保健強化營養錠

  • 1. Our supplements are formulated by holistic veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists. 專業寵物營養師及獸醫師調配而成

    2. We use selected and high-quality supplement ingredients. 嚴選進口頂級保健品原料

    3. 100% made in Taiwan. 100% M.I.T台灣在地製造

    4. No added chemical preservatives. 完全無添加任何防腐劑等化學原料

    T.N.A. works with expert veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists to formulate recipes that meet your beloved’s basic nutritional needs in immunity, digestion, skin & coat, and joints. Designed to provide all daily essential nutrients, we use only the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Each product of the T.N.A. Supplements Series contains 2 packages, making it easy to store!